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Vision Measuring Machine
Hardness Tester
Linear scales and DRO
Universal Testing Machine
Metallurgical Polishging/Grinding Machine
Metallurgical Mounting Press
Metallurgical Specimen Cutters
Coordinate Measuring Machine
Universal Length Measuring Machine

Hot products

  • Digital Micro Hardness Hester MHV-1000
  • Electronic Brinell hardness tester DHB-3000
  • Single disc Dual Speed Metallurgical Specimen Preparation PG-1
  • Metallurgical Specimen Grinder/Polisher PG-1D/PG-2D
  • Abrasive Band Grinding Machine SAD11 (Double Abrasive Band)
  • Cut-off Machines CM-110
  • High Speed Precision Cutter CM-5000
  • Automatic Grinding/Polishing Machine PG-2000A
  • Auto Metallurgical Specimen CutterCM-100/CM-80
  • Medium-speed Metallurgical Specimen Grinder/Polisher PG-2DE / 260E /160E
  • Micro Hardness Hester DHV-1000
  • Micro Hardness Hester HV-1000
  • Digital Vickers hardness tester HVS-5Z,HVS-10Z,HVS-30Z,HVS-50Z
  • Vickers hardness tester HV-5Z,HV-10Z,HV-30Z,HV-50Z
  • Digital Brinell hardness tester XHB-3000
  • Ultrasonic thickness gauge MT200,MT150, MT160
  • Low Speed Diamond Precision Saw CM-25
  • Automatic Mounting Press MP-5A
  • Digital Micro Hardness Tester XHV-1000
  • Universal Material Testing Machine UYL-1151
  • Universal Material Testing Machine UYL-1150
  • Universal Material Testing Machine UYL-1125
  • Servo Control Universal Testing Machine UYL-1123
  • Tensile Testing Machine JYL-1109
  • Single disc Stepless Speed Metallurgical Specimen Preparation PG-1S
  • Tensile Testing Machine JYL-1102
  • Brinell Hardness Tester HBE-3000A
  • Automatic Mounting press MP-1A
  • Linear Scales LS-W Series
  • Manual Mechanic Mounting press MP-1M
  • High-speed Metallurgical Specimen Grinder/Polisher PG-250B
  • High-speed Metallurgical Specimen Grinder/Polisher PG-250A
  • High-speed Metallurgical Specimen Grinder/Polisher PG-250
  • Servo Control Tensile Tester JYL-1107
  • Portable Leeb hardness tester LHT180
  • Digital Electronic Brinell hardness tester MHB-3000
  • Metallurgical Specimen cutter CM-3A
  • Metallurgical Specimen cutter CM-1-50
  • Upright metallurgical microscope JXL-101 Series
  • Upright metallurgical microscope JXL-3003A
  • Upright metallurgical microscope JXL-2030 Series
  • Digital Video Measuring Microscope SZS-0745VM
  • Digital Shore Durometer HT-6510 series
  • Horizontal Video Profile Projector YMM-W Series
  • Portable Leeb hardness tester LHT320
  • Portable Leeb hardness tester LHT310
  • Portable Leeb hardness tester LHT200
  • HV-CCD Series Auto-image Measuring Digital Brinell Micro Vickers Hardness Tester
  • HB-LCD/HV-LCD Series Video Measuring Digital/Brinell/Micro Vickers Hardness Tester
  • Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester HVS-1000/HVS-1000Z
  • Analogue Shore Durometer LX series
  • 300 Vertical Profile Projector Model VP12-S Series
  • Digital Superficial Rockwell hardness tester JHR-45C(D)
  • Electronic Superficial Rockwell hardness tester JHR-45E(D)
  • Manual Superficial Rockwell hardness tester JHR-45M(D)
  • Digital Plastic Rockwell Hardness Tester JHR-150P
  • Digital Rockwell hardness tester JHR-150C(D)
  • Electronic Rockwell hardness tester JHR-150E(D)
  • Metallurgical Specimen Cutter CM-5/CM-5A
  • 350 Digital Vertical Profile Projector VP14-2080
  • Coating thickness gauge CM Series
  • 250 Vertical Profile Projector Model VP10-1050
  • Coordinates Measuring Machine
  • Digital Readout DR Series
  • Metallurgical Tool-Maker Microscopes JTM Series
  • Tool-Makers Microscopes STM-505R
  • Tool-Makers Microscopes STM-505
  • Manual Rockwell Hardness Tester JHR-150M(D)
  • Upright Metallurgical Microscope JXL-300/300BD
  • Ø300mm Digital Horizontal Profile Projector JPC-3020H
  • 300 Digital Profile Projector VP12-AP Series
  • 600 Digital Vertical Profile Projector VP24-600
  • 500 Digital Vertical Profile Projector VP20-500
  • 300 Digital Profile Projector VP12-DP Series
  • 300 Vertical Profile Projector Model VP12-1550
  • 350 Digital Profile Projector VP14-2010
  • Upright Metallurgical Microscope JXL-100/100BD
  • 300 Digital Profile Projector VP12-T Series
  • Upright Metallurgical Microscope JXL-300DIC
  • Upright Metallurgical Microscope JXL-100DIC
  • Inverted Differential Interference Contrast Metallurgical Microscopes  JXL-200DIC
  • Three Axises Automatic CNC Vision Measuring Machine YMM-ECNC Series
  • 350 Horizotnal Profile Projector JPC-3520H
  • Impact tester JXJJ-50/JXJJ-50D, JXJL-50/JXJL-50D
  • Upright Metallurgical Microscopes JXL-300BDDIC
  • Universal Length Measuring Machine ULM-1067H
  • Gantry-Type Full-Automatic CNC Vision Measuring Machine YMM-GCNC Series
  • Gantry Semi-Automatic CNC Vision Measuring Machine YMM-SCNC Series
  • Four-Axises Automatic CNC Vision Measuring Machine YMM-ZCNC Series
  • Three Axises Automatic CNC Vision Measuring Machine YMM-ACNC Series
  • Three Axises Automatic CNC Vision Measuring Machine YMM-TECNC
  • 3D Vision Measuring Machine YMM-HT Series
  • 300 Digital Profile Projector VP12-2080
  • The accessories of Universal Length Measuring Machine
  • Surface Roughness Gauge SRG110
  • Universal Length Measuring Machine ULM-1067C
  • Universal Length Measuring Machine ULM-1067D
  • Universal Length Measuring Machine ULM-1075
  • Universal Length Measuring Machine ULM-1075H
  • 1200 Horizontal Profile Projector HP47-1200
  • 800 Horizontal Profile Projector HP32-800
  • Video-Type 3D Vision Measuring Machine YMM-HVT Series
  • STM Series Turret-type Stereo Microscopes
  • Ø400mm Digital Horizontal Profile Projector JPC-4025H
  • SZDB1175 series high-contrasted coaxial illumination zoom microscopes
  • SZDB0746C Series High-contrasted Coaxial Illumination
  • SZPS0850 Series Parallel Optics Zoom Stereo Microscopes
  • SZS1065C Zoom Stereo Microscope With Built-in Coaxial Illumination
  • SZS1065 Series Zoom Stereo Microscopes
  • SZS0655SZS0870 Series Zoom Stereo Microscopes
  • SZS0740 Series Zoom Stereo Microscopes
  • Metallurgical Tool-Maker Microscopes JTM-D Series
  • SZDA1490 Series High-contrasted Coaxial llumination Zoom Monocular Video Microscopes
  • SZDA0745C High-contrasted Coaxial Illumination Zoom Monocular Video microscope systems
  • SZDH15100 Series High-magnification Erecting Images Zoom Monocular Video Microscopes
  • SZDR0850 Three-dimensional Rotated Zoom Video Microscope
  • Surface roughness testers SRT-6200/6210
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detector YUT-2620, YUT-2600
  • SZS0745 Series Zoom Stereo Microscopes
  • Upright metallurgical microscope JXL-201 Series
  • Surface Roughness Gauge SRG100
  • Gantry-Type Integrated 3D Coordinates Measuring Machine
  • Digital Biological Microscopes JXL-1180
  • Biological Microscope JXL-2000 Series
  • Digital Twin Rockwell Hardness Tester JHR-150DT
  • Metallurgical Specimen cutter CM-1-35
  • SZDH0670 Series Zoom Monocular Video Microscope Systems
  •  Inverted metallurgical microscope JXL-170 Series
  • Inverted Metallurgical Microscope JXL-400
  • Digital Universal Hardness Tester JHR-187.5D
  • JHR-150ET Electronic Twin Rockwell hardness tester
  • JHR-150MT Manual Twin Rockwell Hardness Tester
  • Linear scales LS-M Series
  • Linear scales LS-B Series
  • JHR-187.5E Motorized Brinell Rockwell & Vickers Hardness Tester
  •  Inverted metallurgical microscope JXL-200/200BD

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Universal Length Measuring Machine ULM-1075

Brief Introductions:

As the length metrological instrument, The Length Measuring Machine is for direct and differential measurements, it is mainly used in metal-working industry, especially the inspection department of those industries of machine manufacturing, measuring tool and gauges together with measuring instruments. It is the high-technology product of the integration of the optics, mechanic and electricity and adopts the grating displaying technology, which has greatly improved the accuracy and efficiency. At the same time, it various accessories have improves the universal performance. Its measuring parts are as follows:
a. Smooth cylindrical workpieces such as axis, hole, gauge and ring gauge
b. The pitch diameter of internal and external thread, thread gauge and thread ring gauge
c. Workingpiece with parallel plane surface, such as measuring rod and lower grades gauge.

Instrument Features:

* The bade is high quality cast iron and is aging for long time by nature so as to have good stability.
* The measuring main axis adopts optimum square design to assure the stability of moving performance.
* It has many powerful optional accessories to satisfy different measuring requirements.
* The grating illuminating system adopts infrared illuminating device with low voltage, small current and long life as     light sources.
* The instrument adopts high precision measuring system, which conforms to the Abbe principle and has high measuring precision.

Main Functions:
1.      Absolute measurement and comparison measurement for the external dimension
2.      Internal dimension measurement
3.      Measuring accuracy for the internal and external dimension
4.      Measuring the internal and external threads
5.      Segment compensation for the grating value, linear compensation for the grating value, temperature compensation
6.      Input date and modify data by keyboard, delete coordinate point
7.      Open documents and save coordinate point
8.      Grating data imaging and finding reversal point
9.      The measuring results import Excel and Print measuring results.

Technical Specifications

Measuring range (mm):
1.External dimension: a. Absolute measurement 0~100
                    b. Differential measurement 0~750
2. Operating model: Manual
3. Measuring resolution: 0.1um
4. Accuracy of the machine: External direct measurement: (0.3+L/300)um
Internal direct measurement: 0.7um
5. Internal dimension measurement:
a. With small measuring yokes (depth of penetration up to 12mm, maximum wall thickness 50mm)10~400
b. With large measuring yokes (depth of penetration up to 50mm, maximum wall thickness 85mm)30~370
c. With electric equipment with electric measuring yoke 1-60mm
d. With universal measuring yoke:14-112mm
6. Measuring the internal pitch diameter:
a. With small measuring yoke (thread small diameter) 13~30mm
b. With large measuring yoke{thread small diameter) 31-(70-wall thickness)X2}
7. Pitch of screws 0.5~6
b. Measuring the external pitch diameter: Maximum value 200
                                        Pitch of screw:1~6
8. Universal worktable :
Mounting area Approximately (160160) mm
Adjusting range of height (0~100) mm
Transverse travel 25mm
Tilting rage around Y axis 3
Worktable rotation 4
Load capacity 10kg
10. Combination dimension of internal diameter contact tip : 6H7
11. Combination external dimension of measuring rod with contact tip: 6g6
12. Instrument dimension (mm): LWH 1060390450
13. Net weight for the instrument: 170kg
Main Usage of Accessories:
1.      Universal measuring yoke and its accessory is used to measure the external micrometer
a.       4mm spherical contacting head
b.      12mm spherical contacting head
c.       100mm contacting head of pin
2.      Inclined fixed bracket: used to measure the external micrometer
3.      Electric device: used to measure internal sizes
4.      Center cradle: used to support the workpiece with center hole
5.      Elastic measuring yoke: used to internal dimension measurement
6.      Measure the hole diameter using small yoke: 13.5-26.5mm, depth: 15mm
7.      Measure the hole diameter using large yoke: 26.5-200mm, depth: 50mm
8.      Cross fixed bracket: used to put workpiece
9.      Double V-shape bracket: measure the rod and internal micrometer
10.  Single V-shape bracket: measure the rod and internal micrometer
11.  Gauge combined bracket: used to mount gauge and rod
12.  Floating workable: measure the spherical, thread and ring gauge
13.  Contact tip: used to measure the external dimension of workpiece.